Top 25 Restaurants for 2010

Top 100 Expo takes great pride in showcasing a wide variety of the very best dining establishments in the world.   With an estimated 6 million restaurants worldwide, choosing the best takes time and patience.  We don’t delude ourselves with the notion that just because we like a restaurant, that it should make our list.  Here we turn to you.   The restaurants showcased are submitted to us by visitors who love our website and magazine.  We then contact the establishment and ask a series of questions about location, ambiance, cleanliness, staff, price, etc. to see if it meets the basic criteria for best of the best.  If a restaurant passes, we look to see what others are already reporting about the restaurant (good and bad).  Some of the best restaurants frequently have negative reviews because expectations are so high, but they also have very favorable reviews if we are going to showcase them here.  We do an enormous amount of homework to see if the establishment should be showcased….long before we pay a visit.

Top 100 Expo is not compiling a list of “most expensive” or “most profitable” or “most popular” restaurants, we are showcasing restaurants that our visitors recommend and that meet the criteria for best of the best in measurable metrics defined by you.  Expect to find a wide range of restaurants from very expensive fine small family home cooking…to established themed establishments.

If we (Top 100) come to your establishment, naturally we can’t try everything on your menu; however, we frequently try samplings of many dishes so that we can educate our readership on multiple recipes and point out what specifically is extraordinary about a particular menu item.  Of course, food is not the only thing that makes a restaurant Top 100, but it sure helps.  Bon Apetite!