Top 25 Hotels/Resorts for 2010

Even though Hotels and Resort represent our very first list back in the 90’s, we haven’t forgotten our roots.  We see, hear, feel, and know that no matter what’s your pleasure in these pages, you’ll likely do some traveling.   Finding the Top 100 Hotels is no easy task because the best of the best often changes.  The best business hotel is not necessarily the best vacation or honeymoon hotel.  There are resort hotels around some of the best ski hills and theme parks and attractions on these pages.    And we found boutique hotels and “best kept secrets” in both areas of service and price.  We take all these factors into consideration and every year, we bring a wide range of best of the best in hotels and resorts…something for everyone.  In 2010, we are working on providing the best hotels and resorts geographically.  As a result, we will include many many more hotels in our list, but the particular list for a targeted demographic will stay concise.

We appreciate all of the emails that we receive from people that have enjoyed visiting hotels that we recommend, and to you, we say please come back and see what the latest Top 100 postings are.   We continue to be amazed at the latest renovations and innovations in hospitality, and we are committed to bringing it to you…first.