Top 25 Golf Courses for 2010

Shortly after the invention of golf…the seemly unanswerable question was raised, “Where is the best place to play?”

Are the greens fast or slow?   How new is the course?  Who designed it?  It is a popular course or a well-kept secret?  Who plays there? What are the fees?   What’s the dress code?  Is it Public or Private?  Can I get a tee time?

Top 100 knows that there is a wide range of golf courses to choose from and that you can’t always rely on your iPhone with GPS to find a good course.  We strive to find courses that are well-maintained, appropriately priced, open to the public, and unique.  Golfing some of the 2010 Top 100 Courses is an experience in travel and nature as much as the sport itself.   The limited size of our list prevented us from showcasing hundreds of courses that are worthy of being called “best of the best”, and the courses that actually did make the list are extraordinary, some breathtaking, some challenging, all worth playing.