Top 25 Gadgets for 2010

Technology has escalated ten-fold in the past 100 years compared to the 2,000 years before.  In the time it takes a person to learn how to use a new device, two newer revisions have been developed.  Technology has infiltrated every other industry on Earth…smart houses, newer and better communication and transportation, entertainment that is created using computers, virtual offices, homes and even worlds, and thousands of new gadgets from transparent toasters to palm sized computers/cell phone/GPS/MP3 player all-in-one.  For the consumer, deciding what new technology to confront is daunting and expensive.  Top 100 promises to review each new proposed gadget with the consumer in mind.  Is this something people will actually use?  Does it work properly?  Is it priced correctly and is it affordable to the majority of users?  Is the the best in the marketplace?  Will it retain its usefulness/value?  How soon will it become extinct?

Top 100 Expo is not the only company that review and evaluates technology, but we are the only one that delivers the results in consumable chunks.  The 2010 list is smaller (less than 100 showcased).  This way we don’t overwhelm our visitors information overload and we help keep your expendable income where it belongs…in your pocket.