Something Wicked Awesome This Way Comes

It is all just words and words, and words and words and words, and words and words.  But really, it is all about the delivery.  And they do it well.

At Second City, you will be thoroughly entertained watching “Something Wicked This Way Comes” a depiction of random skits played by 6 talented actors.  They switch seamlessly into their new characters as you are still giggling from the previous.  They are cute skits about Canadiana, and other modern news events and issues, and some are guaranteed to be close to your heart!  Whether it be parenting issues, social topic faux pas’, relationship gender roles, or hearing our favourite old DK video game music (they had to throw in some nostalgia there) you will truly enjoy a comedic evening out with friends and family at Second City.

Now, I feel like going and having a Coke.

Claire Chmela
Staff writer, Top 100

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