Shindlers List…that was the last time that I can remember seeing an audience so totally engrossed in a performance…movie or stage.   A Journey Through the Mind….Edgar Allen Poe” written and performed by Will Stutts is a brilliantly written stage performance told through the eyes of “Edgar Allen Poe”

Will Stutts portrays Edgar Poe (middle name Allen was given to him in school as they required a 3rd name.) giving an interview to a local reporter in Richmond, VA and discussing his life and his many writing projects.  The play was written by Mr. Stutts, but the words of Mr. Poe were seamlessly woven in, so elegantly that you couldn’t tell where Will’s words ended and Edgar’s words began.

He powerfully tells the classical stories of Edgar Allen Poe literary works in the first person, as if he were there in the room where loved ones die, murders were committed, or the Raven appeared.  The audience was drawn in as they were thrust into a confessional to overhear the most well-worded and twisted confessions and then they were brought deeper and deeper into the mind of Edgar Allen Poe, closer and closer (usually to a death) touching every human sense…shadows dancing in a hallway(visual)…sounds of deep emotional cries and beating hearts (auditory)…smells of a crypt/wine cellar (olfactory/smell)…chills up your spine in a cool damp place (kinesthetic/touch)…all the while enjoying the “spirits of the bottle” (gustatory/taste).

And just when you think you are witnessing the confession(s) of the century, he snaps back into the Edgar the interviewee…”They thought I was mad when I wrote that one.”  A few muffled laughs are heard as the audience doesn’t want to let on just how deeply engrossed they had become.

“Journey through the Mind” is an absolute must see for anyone who wants to experience the true art of stage performance…and it’s hypnotic power…theatre at its finest.  Will Stutts may go down in history not only as the man who has performed more one-man stage plays than anyone else on Earth…he may also lay claim to the man who has grasped the inner workings of the brilliant mind of Edgar Allen Poe so intimately…that his own writings now resemble that of the legend.

Playing  January 8-23, 2010 at:

Foulds Theatre
10091 McGregor Blvd.
Ft. Myers, FL 33919
(239) 936-3239

This performance was presented by Theatre Conspiracy…a 501(c)(3) non-profit Florida Corporation headed by Artistic Director Bill Taylor.  Funding is derived from ticket sales, advertising sales, donations and grants fromt he city of Ft. Myers and the SW Florida Community Foundation.

-John Chmela
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  1.  raymond granito said on

    As a pianist,I performed with Will Stutts in,”Noel Coward at the Cafe De Paris”in Sarasota, florida and in Ft Myers and am so very happy to see his performance was recognized in this production as stellar. Too bad we were away and could not get down to see him again, both as audience members and as friends. Wish him our best.

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