One of the most consistent items on our bucket list survey was “Learn to Dance”, which begged two questions:
Why are so many people attracted to dancing?
Why haven’t they just done it?
The answers may surprise you. Even with the recent success of blockbuster television shows like “Dancing with the Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance”, it’s no wonder that this passion has been awakened. However, the no.1 reason for the average person to not take up dancing  is thatt they  feel awkward and self conscious. According to Vladimir, owner and instructor at Step In Two Dance Studio outside Toronto, “Dancing awakens the spirit.  It can help you have breakthroughs in so many areas of your life.  Dancing brings couples closer than they ever thought they could be; it improves health (physical and emotional); it jumpstarts social networking; it raises awareness of your body…in otherwords, it introduces you to you.”
Vladimir continues, “Dancing is not about memorization of steps—at best that could get you to dance to one song…but what about the rest of the night…or your life?  Dancing is about mastering time, tempo, and tone, and teaching yourself how to connect to any song by harmonizing with the song, and hence your partner…not running a memorized choreography.”

“Learn to Dance” is the first “bucket list” candidate in the “Entertainment” category.  If “Learn to Dance” is on your bucket list, you should contact Step in Two and learn about their methodology.  With these tools, you will take away so much more than learning how to dance….you will become a dancer…for life.

Contact Information:
Step In Two Dance Studio
1080 Brock Rd Suite 6
Pickering, Ontario, L1W 3H3
P: (905) 837.7837

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