When looking for the very best of our list, we had to consider the Landmark Forum.

The Landmark Forum is a rollercoaster ride that provides an unprecedented and unpredictable adventure.  Most of the adventures on our Top 100 List are precedented and predictable.  Think about this.  Even if we had an adventure of traveling to Pluto, we could roughly describe what you would see, hear, feel, and experience.  You would put on some kind of space-proof suit, enter a ship, and then blast out of the atmosphere, travel through space, and arrive on ball called Pluto.  You could predict that.

The Landmark Forum promises to deliver ‘anything you want’.  But ‘what you want’ is often unknown (or different than what you think you want).  In the Landmark Forum, your adventure is customized (like the dream sequence in the movie “Total Recall”).

Language Translations:

The Landmark Forum (In French)
translated by Jack Ballas (jbnorthstar@hotmail.com)

The Landmark Forum (In Spanish)
translated by Sharlene Brown (sharliebrownpr@gmail.com)

The Landmark Forum (In Japanese)
translated by Anonymous

The Landmark Forum (In Hebrew)
translated by Maty Grosman (g_maty@hotmail.com)

(The Landmark Forum In Turkish)
translated by Samet Gulec (dus-un@hotmail.com)

You may get decades of extra years added to your life.  You may resurrect a relationship that died when Nixon was president.  You may heal an ulcer or back pain.  Nightmares from an alcoholic upbringing or sexual assault could vanish forever in a moment.  You may gain a personal relationship with the man/woman of your dreams or a relationship with God.  You might rediscover your kids, or save yourself from destroying them. Maybe your mother will get her son back, or your wife will get back a husband that she hasn’t seen since the honeymoon.  Maybe you’ll take on new challenges like those listed on the Top 100 Adventures.  Or maybe you’ll get several or even all of the above or something else altogether extraordinary.

The Landmark Forum is about creating new possibilities for your life.  So the benefits from this adventure last a lifetime, not just a few days like a Vespa tour through Italy or just a few moments like a bungee jump or skydive.  Landmark is a new kind of adventure.  It’s totally transformational, not just exciting.  So we hiked it way up the list.

If we discover an adventure that takes us directly to Heaven or guarantees world peace, it will unseat the Landmark Forum.  Until then, Landmark Forum clearly tops our top 100 list.

If I could recommend only one adventure to our readers, Landmark Forum would be my choice.  Landmark….choose.

-John Chmela, Top 100 Adventures

71 Comments to “Adventure – The Landmark Forum”

  1.  elizabeth said on

    This is so true, and what I’ve wanted to say but couldn’t – and “unprecented and unpredictable adventure” – And for those of us who have already done the forum – “landmark… choose…” WOW – I’ve always felt inspired by poetry and philosophy that encompasses the human mind and the capacity for emotion, but the Landmark Forum is truly the first thing I’ve seen that can work for any human being of any religion, race, gender, socio-economic status, etc.
    Landmark Education is a blessed universal creation.

  2.  NATALIA said on

    The most unusual experience anyone can have. No one can understand it till they do it.

  3.  estee said on

    If you think you have adventure in your life now, wait until you’ve done the Landmark Forum. Adventure will have a whole new meaning. If you’re willing to try anything once, then you’ve got to try this.

  4.  Ravikanth said on

    Go for it people. highly recomended

  5.  Raghav said on

    I think “Adventure” is the right word to describe Forum. :-)

  6.  Mohan said on

    The Landmark Forum has opened many thing in my life. I have experienced the strength in myself after the forum.

  7.  Radhesh said on

    Everything happens here from nothing. Right now who we are and what we do and what next… all in one place. Starting from transformational education with distinctions like blame game, always listening to oneself, meaning of life, our fears, etc all in one transforms you to create extraordinary life. Living life powerfully and a loving life.

  8.  Srikky said on

    I wud always feel at loss of words to describe comprehensively the incredible experience I have had at the Landmark Forum! Dis is the first-of-its-kind article dat describes succinctly wat is possible out of the landmark forum.. it can excite any kind of individual readin it.. n also gives an essence of the profound education.. I am blessed to have had gone through this!:) God Bless!

  9.  Sanjeev Bansal said on

    I love travelling places available inside the world and I did.But after doing Land Mark Forum,I discovered that whole world is inside me.Amazing Journey!!!It is now out there but right here inside me…With this awaking my entire life has changed.Anything is possible.Now I say that dont tell me Sky is the limit when there are footprints on the MOON.Thank you Land Mark :)

  10.  Miggy said on

    I was against it, for the first days. My perception towards things were changed not level by level; but in a sudden moment. I didn’t see it coming, but even I was taken off guard, still, I am thankful.

  11.  Hawkes said on

    What can I say except – “Everything Nothing. Everything Possible”.

    Truly the most exhilarating adventure I have experienced in my life, which has been filled with all sorts of amazing adventures. Everybody around me has done the Landmark Forum, and I will continue until the day I die to stand for all humans to participate in at least the forum.

  12.  dave said on

    Simply, ” The best thing I ever did in my life” !!!

  13.  Akua said on

    Landmark as an adventure – that is classic! I agree in that it was certainly an adventure and journey. The best I’ve ever been on. My experience at Landmark was like no other and I am forever grateful. Thank you for sharing.

  14.  Danny said on

    Actually its really good and has added a new dimension to my life.

  15.  Swathi Koppal said on

    Missing Landmark, is missing a chance to live your Life.

  16.  Carmen said on

    It is the adventure of a life time and unlike many other adventures… you can do it again! and it will be a complete new adventure unlike the first one!
    Life, choose!

  17.  Anuj said on

    I have heard a lot about it, but still have to experience. After reading all these comments, i think its high time i try it out. :)

  18.  Flavia Teixeira said on

    It’s the highest roller coaster of my life.I just done the advanced course and i can’t stop smiling with the possibilities that I am creating for my life, the tools I have now to be the person I always wanted to be and didn’t know how.

  19.  Bill Giannetti said on

    Before I did “The Landmark Forum” I felt like life was a rollercoaster and I was chained in a vehicle clicking up slowly to the top of a terrifying drop. I was full of anxiety and fear with no choices but to endure the ride. After doing the Forum, I became the rollercoaster, dictating every drop, every curve, and every new and exciting manifestation of the ride. I used to live by circumstances. Now I live by choice. A truly wonderful adventure.

  20.  Rob Daniel said on

    The Landmark Forum is by far the most extraordinary event of my life. It created my life from a space I thought I was already living at potential. I rode this wave for 10 years then this weekend did the Advanced Course. This blew everything so far out into space I am still reeling. THE most incredible experience. Do them one after another, and finish with the S.E.L.P. Don’t wait ten years like I did. YOU get to create your life,and there is no going back.

  21.  Aygun said on

    The Landmark Forum provided at Landmark Education has given me access to my true potential that I didn’t even think I had.

    Now I create any way of being in life and accomplish it in a very short time without stress, working myself to the ground (without getting sick), accomplishing multiple projects at the same time and having fun doing them.

    I had a massive breakthrough in my relationship with my Dad. To me it is worth Millions. I also found new love and faith in humanity. I contribute to hundreds if not thousands of people.

    My income has tripled. In the last 4 years I got 3 pay rises and one promotion.

    I am a pilot a childhood dream.

    I am also married to the woman of my dreams. We have been together over 6 years and the honeymoon is not over and will not be. I love her more than I ever did.

    Our relationship is our creation on a daily basis.

    This education has been the biggest gift of my life. Thanks to my friend Tumer. I love you mate.

  22.  Dinah said on

    Best adventure I have ever had! Changed my life!

  23.  Joy Chichester said on

    Just a couple of days ago I pulled out the “Map of My Communities” that I drew at Landmark Forum in 1994. Can’t believe that was my whole life then. By 1996 I had a totally different map, and then in 2000 it was different again. Since 2003, I’ve been three “maps” away from where I was during those days and nights with Landmark. I’m 72 now, and have lived widely divergent lives since I retired in 1994. Landmark knew this would happen, and I’m glad I listened to what they taught me.

  24.  Hans said on

    I totally agree!
    It `s been an adventure with a huge impact on the quality of my life and my relationships. I can`t imagine my life anymore without the tools I got in the Landmark Forum. I completely and deeply got that our lives are really just, or everything what we make of it, and it can be anything we want.

  25.  T. Ashley McGrew said on

    This is fun to write! I have not been directly involved in Landmark work in about 12 years now and yet I see the energetic evidence of this experience in my life (and in those around me) every day.
    My main comment would just be to suggest that you not allow yourself to be limited by your own imagination. In less than two years of starting this work I found myself in a relationship with my parents that I simply could not have conceived of previously. The nature of that relationship has informed the course of my life ever since.
    These days, mysteriously, after finding myself in the top 3% of my profession for over 16 years, I find that I am someone who is very literally defining the course of that profession. At this point, opportunity seeks me out – almost faster than I can respond. Simply put, doing this work has been the best choice I ever made in my lifetime.
    Do well.

  26.  Lynne said on

    I did the Forum thinking, “eh, why not? couldn’t hurt” and as it was a birthday gift from my parents, both graduates of the education, I didn’t have anything to lose, even money (even if i had paid myself, landmark staff assured me a refund even I didn’t get anything out of it)….Well, turns out I did have a lot to lose – I lost the dead weight of my self-doubt, my boredom, my resentment, many of my fears, old rage, and so much more. I also had everything to gain – in sum, a life that is unrecognizable from before in every magical way possible.

  27.  Andrea said on

    The single best thing I ever did was the Landmark Forum. I am so much happier. I feel satisfied and fulfilled with my life, have confidence in myself, and got rid of anger I had been carrying all my life in a single moment. Thank you Landmark Education!!

  28.  Lucy said on

    I did the Landmark Forum last weekend and it was a HUGE ADVENTURE! Quite life changing. From now on I will always divide my life into BEFORE Landmark and AFTER Landmark.

  29.  Marie said on

    Imagine a life filled with endless possibilities. Imagine all the places and experiences that would be possible. That is my life and that is one of the many gifts of the Landmark forum.

  30.  Ingrid said on

    Absolutely the best thing I ever did for myself! It will blow your mind!

  31.  Felicia said on

    After suffering grand mal seizures and anxiety, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. A friend introduced to the Landmark Forum where I discovered the underlying causes of my attack, the decisions I had made that had led me to the unhealthy condition and reinvented myself. Since then I am off the medication, back to work and living the most amazing peaceful and productive life I could have ever imagined. I am eternally grateful and bewildered; why isn’t this taught in our schools. It has been more valuable then my entire college degree!

  32.  Robin Netto said on

    I did the Landmark Forum 25 years ago. It still to this day is THE MOST Powerful Experience I have ever had. I use it as the underpinnings of ALL OF MY LIFE!!!!

  33.  Pradeep Bhoot said on

    This IS indeed an adventure which opens up the flood gates of possibilities for any other adventure that you have been dreaming of.Includes Realities and meanings of life, A relationship to make ,Connection to the God within you who creates,lives and destroys, A business/Job or a degree of your OWN possibility. It assist in build up a network of Human Being,their BIGness !!Do it to GET IT!!

  34.  Bianca said on

    An emotional wonderous experience. A gift of generosity that brings life to your life! After the persuasion to get me there and massive resistence I had, comes peace, joy, excitement and a new life

  35.  John said on

    I completed the Landmark Forum Sep 2011 in Brisbane Australia. I went into the program with an open mind, in search of what where the causes in the break down of my 20 year marriage? I was touched, moved and inspired by experience. It was an adventure, that explored unlocked areas that I didn’t know existed. I got my answer and I left not that same person but an empowered individual who loves people, life and the possibility of having a awesome marriage. It was biggest emotional rollercoaster ride I have ever experience. Everyone needs to experience!!

  36.  Victor Max said on

    One of the best things I ever did. Nothing I’ve ever encountered is more effective at snapping you out of the trance of mediocrity, that day after day in the petty pace sort of quiet resignation that results from thinking the ordinary way things are going is as good as they can possibly be. Here are more reviews of The Landmark Forum, and here’s a veteran’s review that emphatically dismisses the Landmark Cult meme.

  37.  Max said on

    Did it in ’97

    One of the most profound experiences in my life , from which i’m still enjoying the benefits!

  38.  mary Jones said on

    landmark education truely education of the Heart!!!where the mind body an spirit become fully alive in whats of interest and importance to us!!an the well being of the planet.Love it!!sensational!Like the NIKE ADD! JUST DO IT!

  39.  marietta smith said on

    landmark forum has given me a true human experience of a life time. I have been dead for 50 years until i did the forum, advance course, doing the assisting and enrolled to to do the introduction to a leadership program and voluntered to take a group of 6 people to lead a life of possibility, powerfully and just live the life they imagine. It was the awakening of my soul to be extra ordinary and make a difference in the world.I decided to a do all this in a matter of 6 weeks. There is no doubt that Landmark education is the number one roller coster adventure of the century and will remain that way for the years to come. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.xx

  40.  Amber kedia said on

    Gosh. Most amazing thing to do for urself. And yes dont wait for your life to do it. U will start living only after you do the forum. Do it asap. I am one transformed human being on this planet.

  41.  Dave W said on

    Two extraordinary friends of mine (like angels from Heaven) introduced me to Landmark and I can never express in words to them how grateful I am for sharing the Landmark Forum and how it completely changed my life and my desire to change other peoples’ lives in the same way. So the advice I have is if a friend or loved one asks you to do the Landmark Forum, take their word and do it. The joy you will experience will be more than you can imagine.

  42.  Pruthvi said on

    Absolutely!!!! This is the best adventure because, this is the only place you will be with yourself….

  43.  vidith said on

    Wow!!! What a forum!!! Unbelivable man!!! “Life is empty and meaningless”. What a sentence! This forum has transformed my life completely and I know what a life is.

    Thank you very much landmark forum and my great coach Mr Sodi.

    I am very much delighted to recommend everybody on this planet to do this forum.


  44.  John H said on

    I did the Landmark Forum in June of 2009. this profound experience has given my life new depths of beauty and richness. Take it on for yourselves and gain more power, freedom and peace of mind.

  45.  Rajashekar Reddy Yedla said on

    I have done forum in Sep 2011 and it has been a amazing journey of self discovery, I would recommend this program for everyone on this plant.

  46.  Timo Rissanen said on

    I did the Landmark Forum in December 2010 and it has had a profound positive impact on my life. I completed the entire curriculum over the course of 14 months and highly recommend the Forum, followed by the Curriculum for Living. The best thing is that you don’t really know what you’re going to get, other than that it will blow your mind.

  47.  Kartik Jain said on

    I did my landmark forum in june 2011 and since then i have radically altered each and every aspect of my life starting from my relations with my family,my self confidence ,the experience of making difference in people’s live has grown and as i am training to lead introductions to landmark forum i have got present to so many things which were always hidden from me..owe my whole life to it..glad i did it at 19..

  48.  Moneca Gabriel said on

    I have had the enriching roller coaster ride of my life being in Landmark and prior landmark courses for 30 years and it continues to be the most profound continuously opening gift of freedom, power, self-expression and peace of mind!!

  49.  Ashmayne said on

    I am intrigued just to read these comments. Looking forward to experiencing this program in two days time :)

  50.  Joe Ratana said on

    I did the Landmark Forum in September 2009 and it has continued to amaze me when I get myself out of the way and allow possibility in. It has enabled me to re-connect with my Mum after not talking to her for 35 years and this Christmas i”m heading home to New Zealand to spend my first Chrissy with her….I can’t wait after I created the Possibility of Extraordinary Love for Her, for Humanity and The World

  51.  Moneca Gabriel said on

    The core of my life is Landmark Edcuation. I am standing for that we are indeed one and everyday I am committed to discovering that. The possibililty I live in is love, connection and wonder!I am again going back to Kenya to meet’our’ sponsored students, have them take The Forum and to realize their dream to have poverty in Kabera, first, be history.

  52.  Nicole said on

    The Landmark Forum was the best course I ever took – and I have my Masters degree! It gave me the freedom, peace of mind, and happiness that I so badly desired, after dealing with my husband’s affair and divorce. I also got over years of resentment and anger towards my mom, and created a loving open relationship with her. I got a raise at work and won a top performer award. I recommend this course strongly to all of you!!! The results for you life will be incredible!

  53.  Gurmeet Singh said on

    I am sure that Adventure is the only word which explains it completely. Powerful experience and living joyfully ever after.

  54.  Jean-Sebastien Savard said on

    The Landmark Forum have this power for me to get a sens of being a world class leader. I am a stand for peace on earth and this education brought me to a level of compassion for myself and all humanity and I got a lifetime gift. It is for me a privilege to take this on. I have been doing a lot of extreme sports and travel but this journey will stay the most thrilling because of this fulfilement and wholeness that is now emerging in life.

  55.  Day 21- Landmark Education | WeatherVane Creamery said on

    […] Often people wonder where I get my energy and how I keep going. In fact, I often wonder myself. And I have an answer: Landmark Education. Ever since I did my Landmark Forum in 2003, my life- or rather my outlook on life- has never been the same. The Landmark Forum is a three day and an evening course held in many cities throughout the world. I did mine in Chicago as a result of my brother doing his in Austin, TX and my friend Cathy doing hers in Minneapolis. Don’t just take my word on it either- the Landmark Forum is rated number 3 in the top 25 list of adventures to do in your lifetime on top100expo.com […]

  56.  Kirti Dangwal said on

    WoW… I just had my rebirth today to the world of endless possibilities, to the life of emptiness and nothingness, to the life of love and self exploration … I am definitely going to make an impact in my world ..our world…. Thank you Landmark Forum for giving me myself back with a new life… :)

  57.  Andrea Pineda said on

    I did my Forum Jan 2013, and have never known how much I could contribute to others and love myself. It was the most profound weekends of my life, and I am living every day as it is only now. No past. No future. Living in the moment powerfully and enlivened. I can never thank my coaches and leaders more. I will give in the amount I have received. Xoxoxo

  58.  Rebecca said on

    I am so thrilled this is still on the top of the list!! It IS the ultimate adventure, leading to an adventurous rest of your life!!

  59.  Wendy Moffat said on

    I completed the forum 8 weeks ago and currently in my 5th week of the complimentary 10 week seminar sessions that assist you adjust into your day to day life enriched with this new vitality for life and humanity. It’s awesome! I communicate on a deep meaningful level. I think clearly and can deflect negative opinion and judgement. I plough through my work efficiently without stress or limitation. I have transformed my marriage to one that is exciting, spontaneous and loving. My relationships are warm and caring. I have developed a rigorous and healthy fitness regime rvery day and love it. I have been able to choose to live a healthy life and eliminated unhealthy food choices and limit alcohol and happy to make that choice. I can’t say enough about the life tools I have been given as a result of attending this education. It’s remarkable and I would love to create the possibility of everyone to make a stand and attend this education for themselves.
    An amazing adventure into you!

  60.  Lyn O'Brien said on

    I owe 25 years of a wonderfully satisfying marriage (after two divorces), a fulfilling and lucrative career without a college degree (people are shocked when they find out), and priceless relationships with my family to the Forum. I know that most of it would not have been possible without my having participated. It is a bargain at 10 times the price.

  61.  Mindy Sullivan said on

    I have always been a financially successful person…then the world economy collapsed and took ME with it. My brother introduced me to landmark and I am now an Introduction Leader for the company. Not only is MY life back stronger and happier and full of real possibilities than before . But the breakthroughsj I experience in everyday life these days are nothing short of miraculous. Before landmark I was a Real estate broker who taught horseback riding on the side but that was my passion. Now I work with kids and horses – and especially the kids with challenges- changing and empowering their lives everyday ! AND I am a real estate broker. My life rocks…. Thank you landmark!

  62.  Michael said on

    This is the most extraordinary program I ever had. I had new relationship with my parents, my wife and my kids. I want them to be happy and people in this planet. That’s why I keep asking my friends and family do this program.

  63.  Jaah said on

    I tell to myself why I just found landmark forum. It’s the powerfull course and everything is possible.

  64.  Atul Terkar said on

    I’m just 16 Now, and I’ve done The Forum,The Advance and Currently doing SELP.It’s just great.

  65.  Travel deals california said on

    Thanks for sharing with us, I got it very well.

  66.  Mike punjabi said on

    I went into landmark thinking I will get some answers on how to manage my business in a more effective manner. I walked out with a whole lot more. A hundred times more. I did it in Hong Kong in 2014 May.it changed my whole trajectory on life itself. It gave me access to look at my life from a whole different vintage point which I never knew was even possible. I got freedom from stress, I got a whole different relation with my mom ,my wife and kids. I actually stopped being arrogant and started to really listen to people. Wow.

    Thank you landmark for the transformation.WOW. LOved the rollercoster ride of my life.
    And thanks to that son of a gun (Satesh) who was on my back to sign up for it. If it wasn’t for him I would have never signed up. Best thing he ever did was to be a stand for me to sign up for the forum.

  67.  Dave Perry said on

    Yep, I did the Landmark Forum in 2003 and I’m still on the ride, it never ends! Best thing I ever did!

  68.  Claudia Bumuller said on

    I am blessed that I got another opportunity to creating new possibilities and opportunities in my life and integrate the tools in my European Holistic Reiki Healings for my clients.
    Thank you. Looking forward for the Advanced Course.

  69.  Meral Sarper said on

    This is absolute Truth. I have taken the Advanced Course, Self Expression and Leadership Program , Communication courses and many others too! I highly recommend their Introduction Leaders Program. My partner and I met at Landmark and have created new possibilities daily and used the technology to work through our obstacles. I, like the author of this, invite anyone to take the Landmark Forum above any other adventure. It is like the gateway… take the Landmark Forum, and life becomes an Adventure. And then you bring other adventures into your life… :)

  70.  BASAVARAJAIAH said on

    The best education must be available to everybody on this planet, it must be taught at school level

  71.  Kelly McAteer said on

    I did it 12 years ago, I thought then I was successful and had a great live. well it’s been the most incredible 12 years of my life…. I met and married my husband, started several business, I put my past firmly behind me and I now have the tools to create what ever it is I want. And to deal with anything that life throws at me. I have the most extraordinary life and I’m currently traveling the world for a year with my husband.
    Just go for it the program rocks.

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