The conversation went something like this.

Me: “Is it dangerous?”
Clerk: “It’s exhilarating.”
Me: “Is the water cold?”
Clerk: “Like the devil’s blood.”
Me: “Could I get hurt?”
Clerk: “You could get hurt just driving here in your car.”
Me: “Has anyone been hurt?”
Clerk: “Not today.”
Me: “Have you been hurt?”
Clerk: “Define hurt.”
Me: “Could you be killed?”
Clerk: “Not likely.”
Me: “But you could be killed.”
Clerk: “They are level 5 rapids.”

….and off we went.

Raft the Rockies is an amazing journey through the long rapids and spectacular scenery of the Kicking Horse River. The Kicking Horse offers something for everyone, big waves, long rapids and spectacular scenery. This river is both fun and challenging. The best part is CRR runs the quality section of river twice. The only company to offer this….This means more river for the same price. On our return trip to Banff we will stop in Lake Louise for a hot lunch at the Scenic Lake Louise Hostel where we can wet our whistles and enjoy a hot lunch. The Kicking Horse River is an excellent experience for individuals and groups looking for a full-on whitewater rafting experience. Our most adventurous trip!

Canadian Rockies Rafting Company
1727 Mountain Ave.
Canmore, AB
(403) 678-6535
(877) 226-7625

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