Many are visiting this web site to see a real life “Bucket List”.  Well here’s one for the books.  My friend Sean Stephenson, The Three Foot Giant, ( has compiled and started checking off items on his own personal bucket list.   You’ll remember that in the 2007 movie, the main characters were terminally ill before deciding to take on life’s most exciting challenges.  Well, Sean was born with a very rare condition, and doctors predicted he wouldn’t survive even his first night alive.   Well, that was over 30 years ago, but nonetheless, it still “qualifies” Sean be kicking around the bucket list.  We are posting Sean’s list below with this intention…Top 100 is calling on all visitors to this site to read Sean’s list and if you can help Sean to check off an of these items from his bucket list, we implore you to do so. Sean needs ideas and resources to complete his list…we know our readership can help.  If you can help, send an email to

Sean’s Bucket List:

1. Meet the Dalai Lama (DONE)
2. Lock in my own TV show (DONE)
3. Write a NY Times Best Seller (Written – still selling)
4. Throw out first pitch at MLB game (DONE)
5. Meet Richard Branson (DONE)
6. Scuba dive in Caribbean
7. Observe an autopsy
8. Speak on stage to over 25,000 people
9. Go on a date with Natalie Portman
10. Experience Zero Gravity in special retrofitted airplane
11. Go back packing with friends through Egyptian Pyramids
12. Be sketched in the nude by a college art class
13. Do stand up comedy with Dane Cook
14. Spend a week in silence
15. Live on the streets for 24 hrs
16. Interview Tom Cruise
17. Attend Academy Awards
18. Attend Super Bowl
19. Wheel 15 miles in racing chair
20. Take a train trip with GF and family from NY to LA
21. Open the NYSE by banging on the gavel
22. Appear on Regis & Kelly
23. Speak at the Sydney Opera House
24. Have a speaking role in a major motion picture
25. Workout with Jack LeLane
26. Speak to an abused women’s shelter
27. Learn to drive (and own) accessible vehicle
28. Meditate for an entire day
29. Fly in a stunt plane
30. Get married in Sedona church to my soul mate and raise family
31. Learn to speak French & Spanish
32. Complete my PhD
33. Make $5,000,000 in the year I turn 35
34. Sail the carribean with friends
35. Travel to 12 countries in Europe
36. Speak at Carnegie Hall in NYC
37. Chopper in for a stay at Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai
38. Rock out at a 3EyeBlind Concert with Backstage Access
39. Read to kids in cancer ward

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