In early 2010, we set out to find out which area of the United States has the very best Mexican food.  Naturally, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, even California come to mind, but what about Southern Florida?   So we set out on a quest to find the best Mexican food in SW Florida.  We looked at all the popular venues like Iguana Mia, La Casita, Jalapeno, but the most authentic Mexican food is prepared by Leonardo and Yochiti Perez (originally from Mexico City) in a small restaurant hidden away and off the beaten path called “Casa Lupita”.  This restaurant is not downtown or in any of the swank neighborhoods along the water.  It’s not on an island or in the beach community.  It’s nestled in the middle of an office complex way beyond highway 75.

Before we ordered, we were presented with fresh Guacamole (with the pit still in the sauce) and two salsa’s (one red, one green) which were to die for…and we instantly knew that authenticity was the focus in this little hidden Mexico.  We enjoyed three dishes: 1. Enchilda’s, three separate enchilada with three different sauces (white, green, and authentic mole’ sauce made with a touch of chocolate).  2. Mexican burrito which converted even our staunchest critic who used to say that you’ll never find any mexican dish that beat Italian cuisine…well this Burrito received highest marks.  3. Taco Lovers featuring the Taco of Chorizo (Mexican Sausage with Potatoes), Taco of tinga (Chicken in Tomato sauce), taco of pork with red sauce with lettuce/cheeze.

For dessert, we tried the Flan, the Homemade Flan Cake, and the Tres Leches Cake…authentic, light and delicious….best desserts we’ve had in ages.  All in all, Casa Lupita, was a pleasant surprise.  If you are serious about the food, and not hung up on the location, try Casa Lupita….and don’t tell anyone…it’s the best kept secret in SW Florida.

Casa Lupita
13120 Westlinks Terrace #10
Fort Myers, FL 33919
(239) 479-5244

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