Welcome to Top 100 Expo

Top 100 Expo was founded in Chicago in 1996 to give the consumer fast and accurate information showcasing the best of the best in products and services in selected categories.  With the invention of the internet, massive amounts of information is available to the consumer.  However, with information overload comes the burdensome task of searching and sorting to find what you want.  Top 100 is committed full-time to analyzing information, determining what is truly the best of the best, and presenting clear and concise options to you through our various Top 100 lists.    What started out as a handful Top 100 Hotels has now  expanded into a larger number of smaller more refined groupings.  We’ve added some new categories and we are focused on providing easy access to information in a specified region.   We are committed to growing and maintaining our lists from year to year, and we are also grateful for your feedback that has reshaped and improved our company.    We hope you enjoy reading this website as much as we have enjoyed compiling this information for you.